B & G Hardwood Flooring offers Hardwood Floor Repair in Santa Rosa CAHardwood floors can be a beautiful addition to a home and are available in many grains, colors, and textures. Most hardwood floors are extremely durable when properly maintained. A majority of hardwood flooring comes from deciduous trees. There are more than 50 species of trees used in the manufacturing of hardwood flooring. Among the hardwood trees used for flooring are oak, teak, walnut, mahogany, maple, birch and ash. Important things to know before choosing hardwood flooring is proper hardwood flooring care, preventative maintenance requirements and knowledge of professionals who offer hardwood floor repair in Santa Rosa for those times when you need help.

Polyurethane and Waxed Hardwood Flooring Care

Hardwood floors are fairly easy to maintain if installed correctly. Many of them have finishes like polyurethane coating which only need to be swept, dry-mopped and vacuumed. Polyurethane-finished floors also require special cleaners to maintain their beauty. Waxed floors, unlike polyurethane flooring, require regular buffing to maintain their lustre and shine. If either a polyurethane or a waxed hardwood floor begins to show a dull appearance, it may be time for proper refinishing or waxing. Homeowners should avoid cleaning a wooden floor with a damp mop, especially if it is waxed, since water causes wood to swell and warp.

Ways for Santa Rosa Hardwood Flooring Owners to Protect their Investment

Area rugs and mats can protect hardwood floors when placed in high traffic areas. Pads should also be attached to the bottom of heavy furniture to prevent dents and scratches. These small preventative measures can significantly extend the lifetime of your hardwood flooring, giving you many years to enjoy the beauty and character that hardwood flooring can add to a home.

Professional Hardwood Floor Repair in Santa Rosa

Taking all of the preventative measures to protect your hardwood flooring is the best thing a homeowner can do; however, accidents unfortunately can still happen and trying to fix hardwood flooring problems by watching Youtube videos or do-it-yourself instructions can become confusing and overwhelming. Therefore, we recommend that you save yourself a lot of time and energy by hiring a professional to do the job correctly. Proper hardwood flooring repair correctly requires specific knowledge and years of experience. The best hardwood flooring professionals will take pride in their results and ensure customer satisfaction. Residents in Santa Rosa and the rest of Sonoma County who need hardwood floor repair work done can call the professionals at B & G Hardwood Flooring.

B & G Hardwood Flooring provides hardwood floor repair in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and Napa and Marin Counties. We also have solid familiarity with, and knowledge of, the appropriate types of cleaners, finishes and equipment required for hardwood floors. Our hardwood flooring company also installs many different types of hardwood flooring and provides hardwood floor repair in Santa Rosa and throughout the SF Bay Area.

Article by George Sieg