Hardwood Floor Services

hardwood floor servicesOur hardwood floor services include wood floor installation, repair, refinishing, sanding, and other maintenance services for wood floors. We work with architects, builders, designers & home owners on new construction, remodels or renovations. We also provide free consulting to home owners that want to add, repair or refinish their hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors work anywhere in the home. In areas where they may see water and spills, regular maintenance will keep them looking like new for years. Hardwood floors can be installed above or below grade, on concrete slabs, over plywood sub floors, or over existing wood floors. B&G Hardwood Flooring provides both pre-finished and unfinished hardwoods to meet your hardwood floor service needs.


Pre-Finished hardwoods can be installed and ready to walk on in just a day or two.

Unfinished hardwood floors are sanded on the job and can be customized with borders and medallions. Hardwood floors are very resilient and maintain a rich appearance for years. Over the years the finish will wear off and become scratched and worn. Because hardwood flooring is a permanent floor, they can be brought back to life by refinishing. When refinishing your hardwood flooring, you’re able to change the color and shine to your desire. This process will usually take three or four days to complete. It is very important to have your floors professionally sanded even if you are considering applying your own finish.

Material and Supplies: If you are looking for a specific type of flooring material or supplies give us a call and I will see if I can find it or point you in the right direction.

Cutting Costs/Do It Yourself: If you already purchased your own flooring, we can give you a price to install and or finish it. If you are considering refinishing your own floor I recommend having us or another professional contractor at least do the sanding. No amount of finish can cover up a poorly sanded floor. We will be more than happy to give you a price for sanding only. If you still want to sand it yourself and have some questions please call. Advice is always free and I have found it to be some of the best advertising.

Article by George Sieg