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Finishing:  When your floors are ready to have finish applied, be sure you know what type of finish is being used, and that you like the finish sheen. If you don’t like shiny finishes, you may want a flat matte finish, so be sure you have selected the finish you expect. Things will move very quickly once the finish process begins. Because this is a critical phase, when the finish is being applied to your floors, you will have no access to the room until the finish is completely dried and has had time to cure. The time required will vary depending on the type of finish being used, humidity levels, and temperature. Regardless, pets should be contained and all family members should be kept out of the room for the duration. We will let you know exactly when you can walk on the floors and when furniture can be put back into place.

After We’re Done:  To prevent scratching put felt pads on the bottom of any furniture that will come into direct contact with your floors. This will help minimize scratches and dents on your new floors. To further prevent scratches, place rugs at all entrances, avoiding those with rubber backs because they can discolor your floor. Finally, avoid walking on your wood floors with cleats or high heels in disrepair, these can scratch the finish, or even dent your floor.


Color Changes:  As your new B&G hardwood flooring ages, you should expect some color changes to occur. Because wood is a natural product, it is prone to changes in appearance. In most cases, the change is quite subtle. Direct sunlight, furniture and rugs can cause color changes as well, so try to move your furnishings and rugs from time to time.

Environmental Changes:  Be prepared for spaces to appear and disappear between floor boards during seasons of high and low humidity. Being a product of nature, wood breathes and reacts to changes in humidity and temperature. This can cause temporary spaces in your floor. Generally anything less than the width of a dime is considered normal, and in most cases, these spaces will correct themselves when conditions are more favorable. You can help minimize this situation by maintaining a constant humidity in your home.

Cleaning & Maintenance:  Finally, to keep your wood floors looking their best, you will need to properly care for and maintain them. Be cautious with dusting products. Pine-based cleaners and oil soaps can dull the finish and prevent some polyurethanes from adhering to the floor, should you decide to coat the floor when it becomes worn. We recommend cleaners such as Bona Kemi’s Hardwood Floor Cleaner. It is a neutral cleaner which leaves no residue. Make sure the mop or sponge is only slightly damp and wipe the floor dry as you go. For greasy spots, tar, oil, lipstick, crayon or rubber scuffs a cloth dampened with Bona Kemi’s Cleaner quickly does the job. Please contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you.

Article by George Sieg