How to Choose the Best Hardwood Flooring in Santa RosaIf you’re in the market for beautiful and high-quality hardwood flooring in Santa Rosa, then you need to find a hardwood flooring company that offers you the best materials, expert installation, a positive, can-do attitude, and just the right price point for your personal budget. Before you choose the perfect hardwood floor installation in Santa Rosa, you should know that all hardwood floor contractors are not created equal. To separate the wheat from the chaff, it’s important to understand what makes a provider truly skilled and reputable. It’s also vital that you become aware of exactly what you should avoid when hunting for the right hardwood floor refinishing or new hardwood floors in Santa Rosa. To help you make a wise and informed decision about choosing hardwood flooring in Santa Rosa, we’ve compiled a quick guide that offers a wealth of helpful information:

Look for a Contractor with Years of Experience

It’s very important to work with a provider that demonstrates years of experience in the field of hardwood floor installation and refinishing. While new providers may offer lower quotations to their clientele, they may not have the expertise needed to deliver professional work that will add tangible value to your residence.


In fact, most new providers are still learning the ropes, and they often lack finesse. In other words, they just don’t have the “chops” that they need to offer you immaculate, smooth, shiny and gleaming hardwood floors that will give you pleasure for many years, while also boosting the resale value of your home.

Whether you want hardwood floors for their durability, traditional beauty, and quality, or you’re looking to “flip” a property to acquire short-term profits, you must look for a provider who has great references, the very best credentials, and plenty of honesty, integrity, and accountability. There is truly no substitute for experience when it comes to hardwood flooring in Santa Rosa.

The best hardwood floor installation and refinishing will require dedicated craftsmanship, and this will only be found through an experienced Santa Rosa, California contractor who’s spent years refining his or her installation and refinishing skills.

Things to Avoid When Searching for a Contractor

Contractors who won’t prove their experience by presenting credentials, pictures of finished work, and references are best avoided. It’s quite easy to find an experienced hardwood floor contractor, so why settle for anything less? Also, avoid companies that don’t return your phone calls or emails promptly, or firms or contractors who offer quotation prices that are well below or above the industry norm.

Now that you know more about hardwood floor refinishing in Santa Rosa, it’s time to find the ideal contractor and then enjoy the stunning, high-quality hardwood flooring installation or refinishing that you deserve.

Article by George Sieg