Beautiful Hardwood Flooring for Your Home in Santa Rosa CA

Hardwood Flooring Santa Rosa CAAre you looking for an investment for your home that will both increase its value and make it more beautiful at the same time? Consider lovely hardwood flooring in Santa Rosa CA. You will fall in love with the exquisite look of these floors and it will add thousands in value to your home. Come look at all the choices you have.

If you’re a Santa Rosa or Sonoma County homeowner looking for hardwood flooring, you can choose hardwood floors that are engineered or you may want real hardwood. If the area is high traffic and may get wet, such as a bathroom or a room leading in from a pool area, engineered floors may be the best choice. If it is a lower traffic area such as a bedroom or study where you want the richness of authenticity then real hardwood is most likely your best bet.

Hardwood flooring in Santa Rosa CA come in many shades and styles. It won’t be difficult to find the look and feel you are hoping to convey in your home. The richness and flexibility of hardwood floors will give you so many design options when decorating and redecorating. You will not regret your floor covering choice. Hardwood floors look beautiful with everything from white wicker in a sunroom to beautiful dark cherry wood in a man’s study. You can choose a floor that will look stunning with french provencial furnishings in a sitting room or leather furniture in a den. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Hardwood flooring in Santa Rosa CA is not that difficult to care for either. Some people believe it is, but that is a myth. Just purchase a dust mop and dampen it for touch ups on a regular basis. Every now and then you can clean the floors with a cleaner designed especially for hardwood floors. To avoid sun damage to your hardwood floors in Santa Rosa CA, you should not allow too much of Santa Rosa’s bright sunlight to hit the floors directly. Just use curtains and shades judiciously to protect your hardwood floors.

Linoleum or tile will not give you the rich, old world look and texture of hardwood floors. Also, when you change your decor, chances are you will have to change your tile or linoleum. This just isn’t the case with hardwood flooring. Carpet harbors dust mites that can be easily mopped up on a hardwood floor. There are so many pros to hardwood flooring in Santa Rosa CA. You really should give serious consideration to placing it in your home. Start shopping for hardwood flooring in Santa Rosa CA today.


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