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Professional Santa Rosa Hardwood Flooring Installation

You should really consider hardwood flooring as a vital asset to your home’s appearance and well-being. Did you know that quality hardwood can provide decades of long-lasting flooring for you and your family? Just consider carpet and the grief it brings when placed in high-traffic areas such as living rooms or dining rooms. Quality hardwood flooring not only looks great, but it is easy to clean, more sanitary and it adds value to your home. If you are considering hardwood flooring for your home, contact us at B&G Hardwood Flooring in Santa Rosa. our commitment to your satisfaction is top-notch.

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George Sieg, owner of B&G Hardwood Flooring

My name is George Sieg, owner of B&G Hardwood Flooring. Welcome to my website. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. I can also be reached at (707)585-6829. Talk to you soon!

Listen to a Phone Call From a Happy Customer

Transcript: Hi George. This is Elena G., the woman who needed the bamboo floor repaired. Cesar and Eduardo just finished and they did a very, very good job. I’m very satisfied with the quality of their service and their level of professionalism. Very polite, nice guys. I hope you pay them well because they deserve it. They are just wonderful. Very straightforward and honest when there was a little problem with the wood matching up because it went from one size to another. He was telling me what they were going to have to fix and how they were going to fix it. I think what they did was very professional. I was very pleased. Hopefully I won’t have to call for your services again, but if I do I’ll be calling you. And I’ll be recommending you to anybody else because these two guys were really great. I hope you say something to them, because I’m always eager to let people know when they do a great job because I also complain when I’m not happy. I definitely think when credit is due they deserve to hear it. So please tell Cesar and Eduardo that I am very pleased with them, very nice guys. Thank you!

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